User Level: Admin

Est. time of Setup: 10 Mins

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Create Users and Assign Roles

On the top right, click the down arrow to access Settings.

Once in Settings, click Manager Users on the left. Sort & filter users with the search headings.

To create a new user, click Add User on the right.

Fill out their First Name, Last Name, Email, and select a Role from the dropdown. After selecting the Role, you will see a list of the granted permissions.

You will also need to select their location(s). You can select a single location, multiple locations, or all locations.

Click Save when finished. They will receive a welcome email with a login link.


Note: If the user does not receive the welcome email, you can Resend Invite from the Users page.

To delete a user, click the three dots next to their information. Click Delete User. A pop up will ask you to confirm.

To edit a user, click anywhere on their information to open their profile. You are able to edit their name, role, and/or location. You are not able to edit their email address. Click Save when finished or Discard to cancel editing.