Spend Management FAQs

Q: Can transactions be split across multiple Ottimate / QuickBooks locations?

A: Yes, they can also be split out across departments and GL codes.

Q: How long does it take for a card to be given out after it's requested?

A: Virtual cards are issued instantly. Physical cards take 5-7 business days to arrive in the mail.

Q: Do I get alerted if preloaded funds are running low or a payment doesn't go through?

A: We send out email notifications for both insufficient funds and when a payment fails. We also have a section that shows each failure and the reason why the card was declined. 

Q: Can I create a card for a location, that's specific for petty cash expenses?

A: Yes, create location specific cards. create cards for specific people, specific uses. It can be customized to your workflow needs.

Q: When a card expires do I need to request a new card or can the expiration date be updated on it's own?

A: Changes can be made to cards even after cards have been created. You can change the expiration date, card limit, or add users at any time if you're an admin.

Q: If I think someone may have gotten the card number without me giving it to them can I cancel/pause a card?

A: Yes, Cards can be suspended (and reactivated) or closed at any time.

Q: In petty cash circumstances,  How would a reimbursement work?

A: You can reimburse to a Ottimate card or bank account. We will be expanding this soon.

Q: What is the cash back %?

A: 0.5%