Below are 3 common errors and fixes regarding check run issues. Click the links below to navigate.

Scheduling ACH Caps

There is a $30k Limit per Check Run not per Invoice. A check run can contain multiple invoices. 

If you need a limit increase, please reach out to your Account Manager. 

The ACH limit will show in Bill Pay. If the limit is exceeded, Bill Pay will automatically default to sending a check.

Please Note: Delivery times will vary between ACH and check.

Vendor Remit Address

Navigate to the Vendors tab. Use the search bar on the left to quickly find your vendor. Click the vendor name.

Once in the vendor page, click the Overview tab. Verify the Remit To address.  To edit, Click the Pencil, enter the correct address and click Save.

Please Note: The Invoice Address is listed under the vendor name and is separate from the Remit To Address

ACH Disabled (Bank End)

These errors tend to be out of our control. 

Error R29 is a very common error we see. 

Generally this means that we have lost access to your bank and the payment was cancelled.

Please contact support so we can provide an Originator ID and be added to your Bank White List.