The FastACH feature allows you to expedite your ACH payments as same-day/next-day ACH on demand with an additional cost of $5 per expedited ACH transaction.

You can sign up for the FastACH program and submit your information and documents for evaluation by Ottimate’s risk team. Once approved, you can enroll in the program in a self-service manner.

FastACH Eligibility

If you are already on the 3-day FastACH program, you can continue to remain on the program while also having the option to upgrade to the same-day/next-day FastACH program.

FastACH Limitations

Only ACH transactions up to the FastACH transaction limit can be processed as same-day or next-day ACH.  After careful considerations, Ottimate's Risk and Fraud teams determine the transaction limits.

If you want all your ACH payments of your account (under the FastACH transaction limit of your account) to be processed as same-day/next-day ACH automatically, reach out to our support.

For more information on how to sign up for FastACH, see Sign Up for FastACH Program.