The Ctuit tab requires you to map your pack sizes prior to exporting inventory to Ctuit.

After mapping/approving your items under the invoices tab, they will appear in the Ctuit New tab.

Navigate to the Ctuit New! tab

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Search and Filter

The search bar can be used to search invoice number, vendor name or item name

The filter bar on the right uses dates. You can search by invoice date or uploaded date. Select a time range from the drop down. You can also filter by vendor.


The unmapped tab will show all invoices that require a pack size mapping for items. 

Click into an invoice

  •     Click into a line item
  •     Click the pencil icon to edit
  •     Enter the pack size
  •     Click Save

Pending Export

Invoices that have been pack size mapped but not yet exported to Ctuit.

Click into an invoice

  •     Click Export to Ctuit

Note: Ctuit automatically imports several times a day. To edit your import frequency please reach out to Ctuit Support.


The exported tab allows you to view all exported invoices


If an vendor doesn't require a pack size for inventory export, you can turn this off.

Click into the invoice from Unmapped.

  •     Click More
  •     Click Vendor Mapping
  •     Toggle Export Line Items off
  •     Click Save