The first time you upload an invoice from a vendor, it will automatically fall under Needs Attention citing "No Vendor Mapping". Your vendors will need to be mapped before they can be GL coded or exported into your accounting software.

What is Vendor Mapping?

Vendor mapping refers to the process by which you tell Plate IQ the Billing Name for your vendors within your Accounting Software.

Why do I need to Vendor Map?

By mapping the vendor and adding the Billing Name, as it exists in your accounting software, your invoices can be exported and import as bills within your accounting software in the proper vendor account.

Isn't the Billing Name the same as the Vendor Name on the invoice?

It might be! Every restaurant has a different set-up. Some restaurants use codes for their vendors' Billing Names (ie. V112). Others use a shortened version of the vendor name (ie. Birite Foodservices LLC becomes Birite).

No matter your unique billing name configuration, it is important that the billing name for your vendor is identical in Plate IQ as it is in your Accounting Software when you map your vendors, so the invoice will properly import into the correct account in your Accounting Software

What if I input the wrong Billing Name when I am mapping my vendors?

Your invoices will not import into your Accounting Software properly if the Billing Name is incorrect. Vendor's mapping would need to be updated.

Note - User Permissions: If your account administrator has enabled accounting permissions for you, you will have access to the "Accounting" tab on your dashboard and have full accounting functionality. Vendor mapping is only available to users with this permission set enabled - the module will not be visible to you if this permission is not enabled for your account.