When you upload a new invoice into your Plate IQ dashboard, you will be required to map the new vendor by adding the vendor's billing name in your accounting software, allowing you to export the bill into the proper account. The invoices from the unlinked vendor will be placed in the Needs Attention tab.

Note - User Permissions: If your account administrator has enabled accounting permissions for you, you will have access to the "Accounting" tab on your dashboard and have full accounting functionality. Vendor mapping is only available to users with this permission enabled.


Vendor Linking 

Invoices that need Vendor Linking will read "No Vendor Mapping" and automatically sit in the Needs Attention queue. 

Click on: 

From the following pop-up, simply enter the fields as listed in your Accounting Software.

Accounting System Vendor ID: Vendor's Billing name in your Accounting Software
Account: If coded to a single GL, simply assign. If it's split between multiple accounts, leave empty.

As for the Tags below, you can hover over them for better details on each.