If you're using two-factor authentication, you may be experiencing sync issues between QuickBooks Desktop and Plate IQ. 

There are two options: 

1. Contact your account manager and have two-factor authentication turned off.


2. Follow the steps below to bypass this error. 

1. Setup a new Plate IQ user with exporting permissions.

On the top right, click the down arrow to access Settings.

Once in Settings, click Manager Users on the left. Sort & filter users with the search headings.

To create a new user, click Add User on the right.

Fill out a First Name, Last Name, Email, and select a Role from the dropdown. Select a Role with exporting permissions. 

Note: You are not able to use a duplicate email, you will need a different email from your main account.

You will also need to select their location(s). You can select a single location, multiple locations, or all locations.

Click Save when finished. They will receive a welcome email with a login link. You will need to log in and setup the password to use during the sync.

2. Download the sync file

After setting up your new user login information, you will need to login to dashboard.plateiq.com

On the top right, click the down arrow to access Settings.

Once in Settings, click Companies on the left. You will see your locations listed.

Click Download QuickBooks Sync File next to the location you wish to link.

Download the sync file (.qwc file). 

Log in to QuickBooks:

  • Make sure QuickBooks Desktop is running with the same Company File you're attempting to sync with Plate IQ (this company file should be the only one open in QuickBooks if you have a secondary file open, the installation won't work). 
  • Make sure you are logged in as an ADMINISTRATOR for the QuickBooks account. 

Find the recently downloaded *.qwc file within your Downloads folder, and double-click on it.

Confirm your Plate IQ restaurant name in the Name field, and click OK

Select the option: Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.

A prompt will ask you to verify the selection. Click Yes.

You will need to select a user from the dropdown.

Click Continue. A pop up will give show a final summary. Click Done.

The QuickBooks connector will automatically open. Type your Plate IQ account password in the Password field and hit the Enter key

Click Yes to save the password.

To finalize the sync, Click on the checkmark on the far left next to PIQ Sync.

Click Update Selected. Your sync will then run and finish.